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01-03-05, 11:40 pm
'Ello all,

I recently adopted two rabbits (a dutch and a mini rex) and was wondering how big to make their cage. I plan to add a third rabbit of similar size soon, so I would like to plan ahead and make it big enough to accomodate the third one. On this site it states that three piggies need a cage 30"x62" but I wasn't sure if this could be used for smaller rabbits as well. All three rabbits weigh less than 6-7 lbs each. Thanks for any input!


01-04-05, 01:04 pm
I believe buns need approximately twice the space of guinea pigs. You're looking at a 4x5 C&C, more is better of course.

01-04-05, 04:46 pm
I would do multiple levels (at least three). If you want to make a C&C cage then it probably needs to be at least 5 x 3 with upper levels. In my opinion it would probably be easier to house three rabbits in a dog exercise pen as you can make it any size and shape you want. Check out this site for condo ideas www.morfz.com/nic (http://www.morfz.com/nic)

01-04-05, 04:48 pm
oops it is http://www.morfz.com/nic.html

01-08-05, 09:21 pm
Isn't it hard to bond three bunnies? I thought you ran the danger of splitting the bonded pair up?

01-09-05, 09:14 am
It can be; I would let the rabbits choose their own friends. You would probably have the best luck going to a rabbit rescue and having them help you find another rabbit and bond it to your pair.

02-05-05, 10:03 am
i agree with bunnyluv, get a bonded pair 2 join them and see from their :)

Daisy Duke
05-29-05, 09:06 am
I agree with bunnyluv also. You don't want to split up a bonded pair.