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02-26-03, 04:57 pm
Well, we decided to give Sweetie pie a friend and went and bought another piggy. Her name is Cutie Pepper. She belongs to my son. She is white with a black head. Very sweet. I will have pics very soon and share them with you. We have plans to build our Cavy cage this weekend and we are all very excited to see the little ones with all this room.
Take care.
Sincerely, Theresa

Briana D
02-26-03, 07:43 pm
I fear it may be too late but don't forget to quarantine your new pig for at least three weeks! Your guinea pig may seem healthy but it might have an underlying illness or mite infestation.

02-27-03, 10:27 am
Thanks there Briana--but you are right, it is too late. I am not certain how to word this without it coming across wrong...so I will just say it because I do not want anyone here to think that I do not do what is in the best interest of my many animals.
I checked out the new piggy for any noticable problems, runny/crusty eyes. Clean rear-end. No runny poo. She smelled & looked clean. No dry skin poo spots etc. Her run was VERY clean. She was exuberant and bright eyed and fat. And so were her house-mates. I cannot see inside the piggy, but the inside health usually shows on the outside of an animal. I did not think twice about placing her with my other piggy. And if she was a carrier of a bacteria with no helath signs...then unfortunately it would have been passed on even after the 3 weeks. But THANKS for the concern!:D And also the congrats!:lol:

03-01-03, 09:00 am
I did the same thing with my piggy, but then he ended up to be sick after all. Now both of my pigs get crusty stuff on their noses and have watery eyes.