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09-29-08, 10:04 am
My daughter has been asking for a guinea pig for about 1 year. She has checked out library books, written care guidelines on paper, ect. For her birthday 1 week ago she got her first guinea pig. I have owned hamsters before but not a guinea. I did do some homework before allowing the adoption since I was ultimately responsible for the little girl.

I bought a baby from a private owner. I brought her home to a "small" cage and decided as soon as I put her in it was going to be too small. I built a larger one the next day. I have posted pics.

Now that I have been reading even more I am wondering if this person sold the baby too early. She told me the little girl was 3 weeks old and it was old enough to go to a new home. Autum (the baby's name) has done well and is "talking", popcorning, and exploring EVERYTHING. I have been told she is a girl and I have checked too and looks like a girl. I have also discovered even though I did my homework but I am learning something new everyday and there are still alot of things I never even thought about.

We have all enjoyed playing with and watching Autum.

09-29-08, 11:53 am
Congrats on your first piggie!

I'm sure you will find plenty of wonderful advice on this site.

09-30-08, 09:01 am
Three weeks is an okay time. Its a little early but she'll be okay.