View Full Version : switching from aspen to towels/fleece. questions!

09-28-08, 08:28 pm
My girls seemed to have developed allergies to aspen. I noticed that they have been coughing and sneezing after the morning bedding change. Which is odd because this didn't used to happen. The vet advised me to change my bedding after finding nothing medically wrong with them. I have noticed that many cavy lovers like me have great success with towels/fleece. I have already removed the aspen and have given the cage a good cleaning, and I'm using some towels right now, but have no good idea for what to use underneath them. So, as you can imagine, I have been washing alot of towels lately :crazy:. What brands or types of puppy training pads work best? I have seen a training pad on ebay that supposedly can be washed and reused up to 300 times. Has anybody tried this product? Are there any alternatives to the puppy pee pads?

09-28-08, 10:16 pm
I would suggest reading the stickies at the top of the bedding forum.

The towels are the absorbant layer that is under the fleece. If you have towels alone your guinea pigs will be sitting on damp towel. Fleece wicks the moisture away leaving the top layer dry.

I use towels under my fleece along with a matress protector pad. This lasts me a week without smelling. Some members just use a couple of layers of towels. You just have to find what works for you.

09-28-08, 10:21 pm
You are supposed to put fleece on top of the towels. Towels are terrycloth and pigs can get their nails suck in it, plus it doesn't wick moisture so they just sit in their pee (hence why it sounds like you have a never ending load of piggie wah). Some people do add other layers underneath the towels to help with adsorption (like newspapers or puppy pads) but I find that it isn't really necessary (and puppy pads can be expensive). I have one layer of towel under my fleece and since my piggie only does her business in one corner, I fold the towel (since the towel is longer than the cage) so that it acts like two layers in that corner. Then all you need to do is a daily sweep of poos (or twice daily depending on the amount of poos).

Then at the end of the week, take out the fleece and towel, shake it off really good outside and throw in the washer. Make sure that when you dry it you don't use any softeners or dryer sheets or the fleece won't wick away the pee. While it's in the wash, wipe down your cage with a 50% water, 50% vinegar solution.

It tends to be easier if you have two sets of fleece and towel so that if you don't have time to wait for the wash to finish (I change the bedding on Friday's and have no classes so I let her run around all day) you can just place in the fresh set of bedding and pop your piggie back into her clean home. lol

Hope it helps!