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02-12-03, 11:51 pm
I've never ordered from this website before, and I'm interested in doing so. What is the best pellet food to buy there? Or does it really matter? I may also buy Timothy hay there- the prices seem to be very reasonable.

Any suggestions will be appreciated. :)

02-13-03, 02:17 am
You Just sayyou are VERY RESPONSIBLE then you must know that "it does matter".

02-13-03, 09:11 am
Angelicum, I would appreciate it if you would lighten up on your criticism of people on their posts.

02-13-03, 12:27 pm
Of Course it does matter, In almost all cavy care websites it is always written that Guinea Pig Pellets are formulated specially for them, mainly of the Vitamin C issues.

Here's a good reference from Guinea Lynx (http://www.guinealynx.com/healthycavy.html#diet)

Plain dye free high quality guinea pig pellets (mixes with nuts are considered too rich), formulated with Vitamin C can be provided in a small heavy ceramic bowl to prevent tipping and cleaned daily. Each cavy will eat approximately 1/4 cup of pellets a day. Purchase pellets in small quantities and store in a dry cool dark place to preserve the potency of the C (look for a pellet with an expiration date to check for freshness). Kaytee offers a plain pelleted product (Forti-Diet) that uses stabilized vitamin C and has a "Best If Used By" date to ensure quality.

Most cavy pellets are alfalfa based. Alfalfa pellets are suitable for young, growing and pregnant cavies. A timothy based pellet (less calcium) may be a good choice after they are about a year old and fully developed (notes). Oxbow Hay Company makes a timothy based pellet called Cavy Cuisine.

And here's another from the Compendium (http://www.aracnet.com/~seagull/Guineas/feeding.html#Pellets)

When choosing your pellets, be sure to avoid the guinea pig "mixes" that contain nuts, seeds and dried fruits. These mixes are high in fats and oils, which can lead to excessive weight gain. Additionally, many of these mixes contain sunflower seeds in their shells. Guinea pigs should never be fed nuts or seeds that are still in their shells (peanuts, sunflower seeds, etc.): dozens of guinea pigs in the Pacific Northwest alone die each year from choking on these shell fragments.

02-14-03, 02:09 pm
Thank you Teresa :)

Now for my original question, what type of pellet food does everyone buy at The Ferret Store.com? Thanks ;)

02-14-03, 08:27 pm
I don't buy it at this store, but I've been quite pleased with the Oxbow products (Cavy Cuisine and Cavy Performance) ... which they do sell at this store as well.

I won't give you the sales pitch, you can get that at www.oxbowhay.com. However, a few things that I found nice were the use of stablized vitamin C and an expiration date printed on the bag so that you can easily determine if the food is fresh.


02-15-03, 08:47 am
Both pellets that cryptoBrian wrote are available on ferretstore.com, Kaytee is another one available and it does well also.

02-19-03, 09:54 pm
I just purchased a large amount of pellets and hay and oats from theferretstore.com.....I purchased for friends and myself. I haven't recieved the package yet but when I do I will give an update on the quality.

02-20-03, 09:55 pm
i like the ferret store. i don't buy pellet food there because that stuff expires and they are known to have problems with shipping. but i do order hay there. i usually order 18 lbs for about $40. it's great, and there hay is just better then i can get in stores around here. and shipping is free with $25 or more. but they have problems. (wrong orders, not shipping orders out for a month, etc..), and i'm telling you that as a warning. but you can get good deals.

02-26-03, 04:59 pm
Hello--I just ordered some goodies for the kids from the Ferret store and am awaiting its arrival. Will let you know how it goes. FREE S&H is the best.

02-26-03, 09:16 pm
Just received the package from theferretstore.com. Although they sent with FedEx (which around here is slow and they like to mishandle packages). I was able to get free shipping because I bought over $25 (actually it was over 100.00; my friends and I put our order together). We checked the products are carefully. Everything was included and everything looks great. I don't know about anyone else that lives in MN but whenever I buy hay around here it's dry and hard. So getting great hay and oat products from there was great. I would order there again. But one thing that I think the site could improve upon is putting more information about the products that they are selling; although most have a great info about the products some are lacking. Shipping was free, products were great, and I would shop there over and over again!

02-27-03, 07:41 pm
Please don't forget to go through iGive to buy from the Ferret Store: www.igive.com/html/brand.cfm?b=1699 (http://www.igive.com/html/brand.cfm?b=1699)

That way you are supporting this site and the Cavy Spirit rescue. They donate 2% of your purchase to your designated charity in cash. No cost to you.


02-27-03, 07:48 pm
Suprisingly though, theferretstore sells a 5lb bag of Cavy Cuisine for about $10 and you can get a 10lb bag direct from Oxbow for the same price. Seems like either way you pay shipping. ;-)

03-02-03, 10:36 am
I ordered Cavy Cuisine (I have little ones yet) and alfalfa and timothy. The order came in 3 days and it was correct and fresh. I am satisfied.