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09-16-08, 01:44 pm
One of my piggies has a bald patch, its kinda about 1.5 inches long and about 1cm wide, she lost a lot of fur yesterday when she had an antibiotic injection at the vets, could it be that that's caused it, or something else?

The vet who saw her said she didn't have fleas or anything, and gave her a clean bill of health.

09-16-08, 01:46 pm
Is your vet cavy savy? What did he inject in her? WHy did he inject it in her if she was fine?

09-16-08, 01:51 pm
She was given an antibiotic because she had been snifly and wheezy.

It was an RSPCA vet as unfortunately it was all I could afford.

09-16-08, 01:55 pm
She might have had a URI which as the extent of my knowledge doesn't need a shot. http://www.guinealynx.info/uri.html

Alot of people here save up a guinea pig vet fund.

If you got the name of the antibiotic it would help tremndously to determine if its a problem or not.

09-16-08, 01:58 pm
She isn't sniffly or wheezy anymore, I have changed the bedding from sawdust stuff to towels and fleece. So I think she just didn't agree with the sawdust (even though it is the one reccomended for guinea pigs)!

She just has this bald patch now which my friend noticed earlier.

09-16-08, 01:59 pm
So, at the site of the injection that was given my an unexotic vet, and now there's a bald spot. They all seem realted to me. I'd keep a really close eye on her and weigh her regularly.

09-16-08, 02:02 pm
I'm not sure if it is where the injection was, she lost a lot (and I mean clumps) of fur when we were holding her still, so I wasn't sure if it could be that? It just seems odd that its a patch.

09-16-08, 02:06 pm
Could the two piggies have had a bit of a falling out maybe?...I didn't spot any fur.

09-16-08, 09:42 pm
Where is the bald patch?

09-17-08, 01:50 am
Slightly on her right hand side on her back.

09-17-08, 07:02 pm
It could be a mite problem. I'm facing an infestation right now with my 4 piggies AND my ratties. One piggie has a large bald patch on her back, and the others fur is thin and falling out. So sad! Poor pigs.

Treat with Ivermectin if you suspect mites or lice. Look up on GuineaLynx the dosages. Treat once and then again 10 days later to kill any lice/mites that may have hatched within those 10 days.


09-18-08, 03:45 am
Where can I get it from?

09-18-08, 03:03 pm
Where can I get it from?

Local feedstores usual have them. Its for cattle but it works fine for guinea pigs.

09-18-08, 03:28 pm
I will have a look for it tomorrow...How do i give it to them, is it a bath stuff?

09-18-08, 03:49 pm
No, read http://www.guinealynx.info/mites.html