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09-13-08, 08:25 pm
I finally made my piggies cage regulation size today. :) (it was previously a 2x2 c&c cage). I can already see how much happier she is being able to do some full size laps instead of just running in one little circle. But now that she has more room I was wondering what I could add to it so that she has some amusement.

Currently she has a hidey, a bowl that attaches to the size of the cage in the corner to not take up room, a hay rack next to it, her bottle also near it, a toilet paper roll always stuffed with extra hay, and a cat ball she ignores.

I want to be able to add something that won't take up too much space but could provide some amusement.

09-13-08, 08:46 pm
If you had a second level, you could use a black irrigation tube that you can get at a home improvement store. Its ribbed and made of a thin plastic.
I got a plain wooden ramp and then attached the tube over top. Poked two holes in the sides and cabletied it to the grid on the side.
The pigs love it and it has traction cuz its ribbed. It also makes the grooviest sound that Ive ever heard when they go thru it.
You get a huge piece for 3 bucks. And you can cut smaller pieces to make little tunnels on the cage floor too. I really know my pigs enjoy it.
Also if you use a piece of veggies at the top of ramp ,that will get them to go up it for the first time.

Also another great idea is to bend a grid to a L shape and line it with fleece, hang it half way up the grid side wall of the cage, and its like a futon.
Soo great. They can lay and chill out on the top, but since you hang it a bit higher you can make a little hideout below it to. I made some fabric panels to hang and give privacy below my futon. The pigs love it as well.

For thier hay, you can use a empty cereal box. Where the front of the box is cut a small square in the bottom front panel for them to access the hay.
the put a cable tie thru the area on top flap that you close the box. Zip tie it to your grid. Stuff fresh hay to the bottom of the box where the square is. Then this way they have fun getting their hay, and you dont have it all over your floor and cage. My pigs love it. And my daughter and son get a big kick out of taping construction paper to the box and decorating each cages hay box with the piggies names on it and making a mascot for each cage.

The pigs also enjoy fiddlesticks as well to climb on or use as a hidey.
But I've been seeing lately that my pigs enjoy a plain old waffle box or whatever food box we have left from the groceries. And then you can get creative and make mutiple exits as well.

I am working on stringing rope lights on the outside of the cage that are orange and black for halloween, as well as making little candy corn hats for halloween as well as pumpkin hats and shirts.
There is so much you can get creative with, geese I can go on all day.
I hope it helps.

09-13-08, 09:53 pm
Thanks Piggymama, I'll definitely give some of those a try. I just opened a new box of cereal from BJ's so it's HUGE! Maybe I can find some use for that.:D

09-15-08, 12:37 am
The pages http://www.guineapigcages.com/toys.htm and http://www.guineapigcages.com/accessories.htm both have great ideas (many free or cheap) if you haven't looked at them already.

Most importantly of all, your pig should have a same sex friend.