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09-13-08, 05:12 pm
I have a garden bed in front of my window. And I have some questions about it.
I know it looks like a mess, but I was just cleaning it up (it was full of rubber mulch and weeds!). Under my window, I am going to put a little grass area for when I get my piggies. With the rest I was going to grow some veggies. My questions are:
Is gardening soil or composted manure ok for gps?
What veggies would be best to grow for piggies? I was thinking bell peppers and lettuce. What do you guys think? I live in Florida and can grow most veggies.
Thats all the questions I can think of right now.
Thanks in advance for any help anybody can give me!

09-13-08, 05:53 pm
Oh I just thought of another question. The picture I put above isn't big enough to see what I want to show you. http://s59.photobucket.com/albums/g295/tazbabie4/?action=edit&current=102_314301.jpg&startOption=3&special_track=fullview_edit_resize
The yellow circled things are termite bate/traps. I don't know much about them. I was wondering if they are ok.

09-14-08, 11:47 am
I just relized the link doesn't work.
This is the picture for my second post.

09-16-08, 07:04 pm
can someone please help me?

09-17-08, 09:47 am
The soil would be fine to use. Lettuce and bell peppers would be good choices. I'd also plant some carrots as they're quite easy, and maybe a couple of tomato plants. I guess it depends on your piggies favourite veggies!

Not sure what you mean exactly by the termite things? I don't really know what they are. Do the bugs fall into them? I'd think they'd be OK so as long as they don't touch the veggies.

Your veg bed looks like a good area. I'm sure your pigs will love it =)

09-17-08, 07:13 pm
thanks! I found out from my mom that it is a termite bait box. She said as long as the piggies don't get into it, they should be fine. I was thinking about carrots. My mom has tomatoe plants, so those are already taken care of. Thanks again for your help!