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09-13-08, 04:13 pm
Hi- I recently upgraded my c&c cage to add a loft. I made the loft a kitchen area with their food, water, bedding etc. I am having a problem getting them to use the ramp. They wont even explore it. I was hoping they would try themselves but when i realized they wouldn't I put both of them up there to see if they would run down it with no luck. Does anyone have any tips they used to get their guineas to use their ramps? I have had both of them a little over a week and they are still slowly getting used to us. I put their food and everything on the bottom level so they could get to it. Would it be best to leave it on the top level and show them where it is? I don't want to starve them.

09-13-08, 07:06 pm
Sometimes, when I want my piggs to go a certain direction or do something in particular, I nudge their butts. Not a shove or push, more like a tickle, but it gets them going where I want them to go. I have even put my hand around one, with his feet on the ground, and guided him to the desired location. Since yours are so new, maybe it would serve you well to wait another week or so to give them another big, new thing to get used to. After they relax a little, you could then reintroduce them to the second story.

09-13-08, 08:13 pm
What has really worked for me to get them to use a ramp was:
I had a basic wooden ramp, but they were not interested. I went to Lowe's and in the lawn and garden section they have this black tubing that is for like irrigation in gardens or something. Its black thin plastic and is ribbed.
YOu can cut it with a box cutter or steak knife. I poked two holes in the sides and placed it directly over the wood ramp. The holes I ran a cable tie thru each hole and atached them to the grid itself. It is stable and the pigs LOVED it.
I wouldnt use anything else again. ITs about 3 dollars for a big section. YOu can also make little tunnels with the leftover pipe.
It makes the coolest sound when they go up and down so if your in a different room, you can be like , "Oh there goes Super Dooper down the Ramp"LOL. ITs truely cool. I dont have a picture cuz my camera is broke. But I will post soon.
I hope this helps.
Also once you do that stick a little piece of lettuce or veggie at the top. Hold them at the top and show them the veggie, then place them at the bottom.
They will go and love it.
ALso if you are worried it is to dark in the tunnel...you can poke larger holes n the top of tunnel to let in light.
Good luck/

09-13-08, 09:24 pm
My first ramp was a tube like that but my pigs stayed in it nearly all the time so I changed my ramp to one made of bent grids. (I turned the old ramp into shorter tunnels) I had to make the sides of the ramp solid and at first I kept an old towel on top to make it more like a tunnel. They seemed to be less scared of it that way.

I also lured them up there by putting vege treats up top. I also tried one pig on each level they missed each other so were more motivated to find the other one.

Res Judicata
10-08-08, 09:44 am
My pigs are still not using the ramp to the new hayloft after three days. I've tried the veggie trick. They sit underneath the ramp and sniff for it. I tried putting them on the ramp. Cloudy sat there and Roxie just turned around and ran down it. I've stuck them in the top to show them where the hay is. I did this before I went to bed and found them and a lot of poop in the hayloft the next morning, so they didn't climb down even with a light on all night. I tried putting them on a piece of fleece and dragging the fleece with them on it up the ramp to see if they'd get the idea. Nope. I even resorted to placing them in the middle of the ramp and rubbing their butts to get them to climb up to the hayloft. Roxie tried to jump over the railing and Cloudy just sat there screaming at me. Apparently she's too lazy to move, even when she doesn't like what's being done to her.

Anything else I can do? Or should I just let them figure it out? They have pellets and water downstairs, so it's not like they're going to starve. But if they want their hay, they're going to have to figure out the ramp.

10-08-08, 03:46 pm
1. Does your ramp have sides? Some pigs won't use a ramp without sides. I had to put sides on my ramp so that they would use it.

2. What is on the floor of the ramp? They won't want to use it if they don't have enough grip.

Res Judicata
10-08-08, 10:07 pm
Yes, the ramp has sides. I stated that there are railings on it. It is a wooden ramp with half dowels glued on to it and covered with a strip of old towel, both to provide traction. Roxie runs down the ramp when put on it without slipping. She will go halfway up then turn around and go back down. Cloudy won't go near it while on the bottom level. I put her in the hayloft this morning and she was down when I came home. But she hasn't been up it at all this evening.

Res Judicata
10-09-08, 07:01 am
They are using the ramp now. It's kind of a funny story. Last night around 12;20, we were awakened by the pigs scuffling and screaming loudly. I went out and made sure everything was all right. They were fighting over the same hidey. I took Roxie out and put her in the other hidey. All was quiet for a while until 1:00. This time I was rather angry about losing sleep so I took both the hideys out and told them they can do without them if they can't get along. This morning I find them both up in the hayloft hiding in the hay. I'm going to leave the hidey out today, make sure they have enough hay to hide in and let them practice using that ramp. They can have their regular hideys back tonight.

10-09-08, 02:52 pm
LOL that's a cute story. When I added my loft, both Grimace and Brobee seemed to LOVE that ramp. They would use it all the time. When I first got them to go on it, I just dangled veggies in their face and they would try and grab it, but I would keep pulling it away, and before they realized it they were up on the ramp, and since then they loved it. It was like I was fishing.

My ramp is made out of extra coroplast and a slab of carpet for a perfect grip.