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09-11-08, 07:11 pm
I have 6 guinea pigs 3 girls and 3 boys. I didn't know much about quinea pigs until I found this site. Sorry to say I got my first 2 quinea pigs from a pet store(Trixie and Oreo) I kept them in 2 seperate cages but one day my brilliant husband put them out for play time together while he cleaned the cages when I wasn't home. I always cleaned the cages seperately but he didn't think anything about it and he told me it was only 15 minutes(like it takes that long) and so Trixie had 4 pretty babies 2 girls(Ebony and Cuddles) and 2 boys(Thumper and Nibbles) what are the odds of that and they all are black and white like Oreo(dad). Trixie(mom) is tricolor she's brown, white, and tan. I wish at least one would have taken after her but at least they all have a white streak down their cute little noses just like her, so I guess she did contribute something. Mom and Dad are 1 1/2 almost 2 years old now and the babies are 8 months old now. I would not trade them for anything and I also have 5 drawf hamsters started with 1 and she was pregnant(didn't know: thats my luck) that are 1 1/2 almost 2 years old and 1 regular hamster 1 1/2 almost 2 years old. Yeah I got the hampsters and guinea pigs at the same time my daughter and I wanted the guinea pigs and my husband wanted the hampsters because he said they were easier to take care of but now he enjoys the guinea pigs more because they are awake more than HIS hampsters. I will try to post some pictures of my babies when I can.

09-12-08, 06:22 am
You certainly have a nice sized piggie family! Not to mention your hamsters too.

I know what you mean about the babies looking like the father. Our 2 look completely different from Snowball (all white) so they clearly look like the father.

How difficult did you find it to sex the babies? We'll need to do this soon so that we can we can make decision about where to house them.

09-12-08, 08:53 am
It really wasn't hard I looked up sexing guinea pigs and found the site that told you exactly what to do I cant remember the name of the site but all you have to do is place your baby on it's back in your lap and put slight pressure right above the opening where they pee and if its a girl nothing will happen if it's a boy you'll see his penis start to come out. Hope that helps, how old are your babies because if you have boys you should remove them from the mom at 3 weeks.