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09-08-08, 04:08 pm
Hello all,

I'm a new member to this forum. In early Aug. we got a guinea pig. In essence we 'rescued' her because we got her from a lady who fosters all those pets children get as *gifts* when the families realize pets are work. We were warned that our girl, Snowball, might be pregnant.

Yesterday (month after we got Snowball) she delivered two happy and healthy babies! My daughter is overjoyed. She has been taking care of Snowball so diligently and lovingly and has more than enough room in her heart for 2 more.

I've been learning a lot from this forum and have passed that info. to my daughter. We just switched to a C&C cage 3 weeks ago and got together fleece bedding last week. Just in time.

Special thanks to the administrators, the writer of the fleece aritcle and to all who have posted pictures. Very informative!

in Nova Scotia

09-08-08, 04:41 pm
Welcome to GPC. Remember to sex the babies by three weeks and separate any males by then. Good Luck