View Full Version : Cage layout help?

09-06-08, 12:09 pm
I have two sows' and a 2x4 cage!There is a ramp going up to the second level, which is the only area that has wooden chips. The rest of the cage is fleece!The small kitchen loft has one water bottle, one hayrack and one pellet dish! The chips are a pain and are hard to pick out of the fleece! So i was wondering if its easier just not to have the chips at all!:?:

09-06-08, 03:48 pm
I really don't like aspen/wood chips/dried pine etc. in my cages. I just came back from vacation and had to put aspen down for the piggies to make things easier for my petsitter. It's really messy!

I've used fleece since I've had piggies (July 05) and I LOVE IT! I do use a "potty" area under my hay racks to keep the hay in one area. The potty I use are kitty litter bottoms. I actually have two different sizes, a large one in each large herd's cage and a one small where there are only 2 girls. You can use the aspen/wood chips in there. Also you can buy a cheap little ragrug to put outside the potty area and this helps catch any extra chips/hay from sticking to the fleece.

09-06-08, 04:01 pm
I also have that problem except my kitchen is on the main level as my 2 pigs seem to enjoy relaxing in thier loft. I got a spare bit of fleece and use it as a door mat. This stops the shavings getting on the main fleece and I can just pick it up and shake it out without having to refit an entire level of fleece.

You may find increasing the sides of the bit where the chips is in will also minimise the chips from ending up everywhere.

There was also another thread on this recently and it really isn't neccessary to have a kitchen area with wood chips/shavings or other bedding. The reason most people have on is to stop the hay from getting all over the fleece and guinea pigs tend to eat and poop at the same time. I find that I need to change my kitchen area twice a week and the fleece only once because my pigs tend to pee and poop mainly in the kitchen area.