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09-05-08, 02:22 pm
I wasn't sure where to post this so Mods. feel free to move it!

Well, awhile back I knew my guineapigs would be traveling with me. So I bought a soft sided guinea pig super pet carrier. I didn't really know any better. A couple weeks ago I got to thinking, what would happen if my dog accidently stepped on their carrier? We'd had a couple of near misses. So I made they a little box with the cubes and tied on a lid to make it swing. It was a pain in my butt!

So, I got zip ties and used them. Now I don't know hoe my lid will stay! I still have the shoe lace to help it swing but I don't know what to use to make it stay closed! :confused:

Advice/pics pleaze!

One more non carrying case related question!

I found this box thats made of cardboard that has a shinyish coat on it. I thought I could use it so put some hay in! I didn't even think about the coating! Now that I've posted this I reembered! DO you think it will be ok if The Guinea PIgs chew on it? It's still in they're cage should I take it out? THanks agaiN!

09-10-08, 01:20 pm
Does anyone have any ideas? Kinda a little desperate!

09-10-08, 01:38 pm
I use binder rings to close my cage doors. Those might work in this situation.

Otherwise maybe you could pick up a hard carrier for cats or small dogs? You might even be able to find a decent one on Craigslist or something.

09-10-08, 03:00 pm
When my pigs travel I use a cat carrier, made of plastic, if you don't know what I mean they are basically the same as a small dog crate. There is no "stepping-on" risks and it has bars in the front that a water bottle can be attached to.

09-10-08, 06:25 pm
How much are they? I've seen some in the petstore but they're like 35 bucks! Of course I could buy them if it was my only choice, but I'd rather figure something out. I have these velcro things that I might be able to use. THink they could work? I don't think binder rings would work though...
THanks for the replys!

09-10-08, 06:41 pm
What is wrong with the soft sided cages?

09-10-08, 07:42 pm
If it were me, I'd get the money to spend that on a proper, hard sided carrier, even if it costs more. Look around, see if you can find a cheaper one. They are for sale second hand ALL the time for a lot cheaper, what if you got one and thoroughly cleaned/sanitized it?

tazbabie, there's not really anything wrong with soft sided carriers, but the hard sided ones can be safer if the carrier gets bumped, jostled, etc.

09-10-08, 07:51 pm
ok! Just wondering! Thanks

09-11-08, 01:47 pm
OK, Pixie. Looks like I'll be saving up my pennies! Thanks.

09-11-08, 06:10 pm
I went to yard sale the other day and they had a pet carrier. It looked like it was in good condtion. Maybe you could look at your local yard sales! You never know what you will find!

09-12-08, 12:57 am
I've used large safety pins for my flip-up lids on my regular cage. They work well as long as they are large enough to fit over the edges.

But I would save up for a cat carrier. I've used the soft sided carriers too but since I got a small cat carrier I've LOVED it. Mine was only $20.

09-12-08, 06:30 am
I don't know much about craigslist but I assume people use it to post things they have for sale. In your place I would try to freecycle a cat carrier while saving to buy one. Just google 'freecycle' and your city name.

Not sure about your question of the shiny coated cardboard box. My gut says if your pig is a chewer/nibbler you may want to remove it till you're sure it's safe.

11-04-08, 01:06 am
What is wrong with the soft sided cages?

I have a soft-sided carrier and have found they work well unless you have pigs that chew everything. I just have to watch it because they chew on the part where the windows are and a large hole is starting to form. I put my pigs in it when I clean their cage and give them something to chew on, but they still chew on it.