View Full Version : Baby proofing question??

09-04-08, 01:19 pm
I know from being on this site that I need to baby proof. I was thinking of putting poster board between the coroplast and grids. My question is this: Do the little ones really climb over the sides of the 6 inch coroplast?? I haven't got my two babies yet so I was wondering what to expect. Thanks.

09-04-08, 09:25 pm
Yes! i didn't believe it either but they can and will find anything to climb on or jump off of. I had one get out of my babyproofed cage the first day he was born. They like to squeeeeeeze through the corners but I fixed that. >:-) They are very curious and very agile. They will also get in your hay rack, on it, under it and/or anything else they can explore.