View Full Version : ALERT! New Target grids are dangerous! PLEASE READ!!

08-26-08, 10:40 pm
Target has recently changed their "Organize-It" cube grids. So has K-mart. The openings are now larger and can kill cavies!!! Do NOT purchase any "Organize-It" or K-mart grids for use in a C&C cage without verifying that there are 9 grid openings per side! Fewer openings means they're larger and guinea pig heads can get stuck, leading to choking and death!

Please tell EVERYONE YOU KNOW who might even be thinking of using grids, to check them before they buy. Other brands should be checked too--with the price of metal going up, other brands may be trying to save money by skimping on crossbars in their grids.

If you can only find the 8x8 or 5x5 grids, you must stagger them as if for babyproofing. Otherwise, even the fattest adult pig could get their head stuck and die. Please, keep your pigs' safety first and foremost!

ONLY use the grids with 9 grid holes across in them to make your C&C cages!!

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