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08-31-08, 12:33 am
We have the crappy pet store cage, nice size but looking at others cages feel like we shorted our daughters GP (allie) a little :sad:. We also want Allie to have a friend and so I want to make a cc cage and was wondering how do you all clean the cages? I know some of you use the fleece, what is the best stuff to use under it to keep floors clean and nice, how often to wash fleece and clean up poopies etc. What about the sign stuff do you need to replace it after so many days, weeks. Allie seems to preferr a specific corner in her cage and I plan to incorperate the old cage into the new cage. How long should I keep a new piggie seperated from Allie, a book said a week to make sure there is no sickness or disease from the new piggie, please any comments would be helpful.
Thanks for you time :D,

08-31-08, 03:48 am
C&C cages are brilliant. I have a 2x4 with 2 girls in it, and a 2x5 with 2 girls in it - and a boy when he is able to go in there (he was recently castrated, so we have to wait 3-4 weeks before he can go in with the girls).

The coroplast does not need replacing. I have had one lot of coroplast for just under a year and it is still going strong. I know some people have had their coroplast for over 2 years. A little bit of elbow grease and vinegar does wonders!

I use fleece. It works very effectively. Underneath the fleece I have 4 layers of towels. The purpose of the fleece is to wick the urine through so that the guinea pig remains dry and comfortable, so the towels absorb the urine that has been wicked through. To get the fleece to a stage where it is wicking properly I put it in the washing machine, set on warm/hot water and add a little bit of bleach. It only takes one or two washes.

I have a 1x2 kitchen area in each cage. It is a little corflute pan that slides in and is filled with a mixture of aspen and kiln-dried pine. In here I have their oaten hay, and Oxbows Timothy Hay as well as their pellet bowl. I give them 1/4 of a cup of Oxbows pellets per pig per day. They get their veggies in the main part of the cage.

The kitchen area I scoop out the soiled bits once or twice a day. I give a quick vacuum of the main part of the cage once a day. The whole cage gets cleaned on Wednesday and again on Sunday.

When you get Allie a pal, considering adopting a homeless piggie from a rescue or animal shelter. The new addition will need to be kept in a totally different room for 3 weeks unless the rescue is highly reputable.

08-31-08, 10:41 am
The previous poster gave you great advice and I agree with what was said. I am a newbie myself, but I can definitely testify that a cc cage with fleece is the best thing I could've done for my pigs. It's so much cleaner than using bedding alone! I don't vacuum their cage. Instead I just use a small dustpan and brush the poops and misplaced hay. I am also using a pet store cage bottom as their kitchen area. Right now I'm using wood pellets for bedding in the kitchen. I like it because it's heavier than wood shavings and harder to kick out. Under the fleece I'm using towels, and under the towels are puppy pads. I change everything every 5 days. This last time I switched the fleece, there was very little urine outside of the kitchen, and absolutely none on the puppy pads! I'm loving the fact that they're doing most of their peepee in the kitchen and all I have to do is sweep poops. Trust me, once you get it started, you're going to love it. I think it's easier than dealing with bedding alone. As for getting your piggy a friend, I'd keep them separated for a few weeks before putting them together. I adopted a family, and one of the babies is a male so his part of the cage is divided until I can get him neutered. They miss eachother so when they get lap time, I put all three of them together in a dishpan so they can have a supervised visit...don't want any love connections to take place! Good luck, I'm sure you'll be glad you did it.