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02-23-03, 05:29 am
My 1 and a half month old sow is actually very active and pop corns every now and then. She adapts well in our environment and never sleeps in the corner for very long periods. But after a week or so, she started sleeping for an unusually long time and seldom move around and never pop corn like usual. I check on her but did not see any sign or illness like drooling, uneven breathing etc. I've noticed that she has loose weight over this few days. So, is she ill or is this a weird behavior???
Thanks for reading.

02-23-03, 12:35 pm
she sounds ill, losing weigt when she is that young and should be gaining and sleeping a lot are bad signs. Is she sneezing more often? anyway best thing to do would be to take her to the vet. good luck.

02-25-03, 07:08 am
My parents say that visiting a vet is very costly so I decided to put her in a special cage to quarantine her. After observing her for 3 days, I noticed that when she sleeps, she held up her legs so as not to make it touch the ground. She is eating and drinking as normal now except that she doesn't move much. I think that she has a fractured leg. How to treat a pig with a fractured leg??? What shall I do???

Briana D
02-25-03, 08:58 am
Go to the vet! A vet may be costly but you took on the responsibility of owning a guinea pig so now you must take care if it.

02-26-03, 02:46 am
I know, but my parents won't let me. Would you please tell me what to do when a pig had a fractured leg??? Thanks.

Briana D
02-26-03, 09:00 am
I don't know what to do because I would take them to the vet. I don't even know if it is safe to splint it yourself. You may want to email Teresa. Hopefully when you grow up you will be more responsible when you are able to make these choices yourself.

I can't believe your parents won't take an injured animal to the vet. Surely if you had a fractured leg you would go to the hospital, right? It is no different with animals.

02-26-03, 10:05 am
Not to insult or to be rude, but I think this somes very odd. I pay for my own vet bills, my dog undergone an emergency ceasarian, I pay for it, and if evr I don't have, I'm 100% sure either my mom or my dad will pay for it. You can't do anything by yourslef, just about ANYTHING. Only qualified cavy vets will solve the problem. If that's severe and you let the cavy heal himself for more than a week, probably it will die--OPINION

From the point you aquire that pet, you must already have aquired other things that comes along in having another LIVING THING under your roof. Thats means EVERYTHING from money to real knowledge of that cavy.

02-26-03, 04:01 pm
We have two new guinea pigs (Twix and Roxi) that we've only had for three days. They are doing very well and are very sweet but I have a question about poop.

We were told to watch to see what corner they would go to the most and to put a poop area there. We bought one of those triangular shaped potty pans and scooped up some of their poop and put it in the pan so they would smell their poop and we put the pan in the corner that they seemed to prefer. Well, we find tremendous amounts of poop only in their little house that they cuddle in and sleep in. They aren't even using the pan or any other corner. I tried moving the house and putting the triangle tray where the house used to be, but now they just poop in the new location of the house. Is it normal to be pooping where they sleep and how sanitary can that be?

Thanks for the help.


02-26-03, 06:00 pm
Totally normal. Who said they want to be sanitary? Just keep that area cleaned out more regularly. Vast majority of the times, the litter pans are a waste of money.

02-26-03, 06:05 pm
:) To Sarah,
Our guinea pigs are over 2 years old...and we have seen them do lots of strange things. Our Vet says it is normal for them to "do their business" where they sleep/lay. But if that grosses you out, have you seen them eat their "poop"? They also do that as a normal behavior as their excrement is nutritious for them. YUK!!!!

And TO GERMBOY, it is sad that your parents will not take your sick pig to the vet. We have spent $1000.00 on just one of our pigs and cringe every time we take her in that the next expense will be too much and we will have to put her to sleep. We treat them just as if they were human...maybe better!!!!

02-27-03, 12:48 pm
so if ur parents wont pay for it, pay for it urself. when you got the piggie who was supposed to pay for vet visits? now if you didn't think of this before hand, that's irresponsible. and also understand that there is a big chance the pig will die if untreated! help your pig, make a sacrifice if you have to, take her to the vet ASAP!

02-27-03, 03:17 pm
Well, honestly, I think we should hand out advice to this young person, not make then feel worse about a situation we know nothing about.
*Germboy--If I were you , I would first try to talk with your parents about yout pet. I do not know what kind of relationship you have with them, but you should speak up about this.
Your piggy does rely on you to take care of her. You need to let your folks know that she needs to see a vet ASAP. And that ignoring your pets needs is not teaching you to be a responsible pet owner.
Next, I would call every vet in your area including hospitals and see if anyone will donate their time or give a less expensive diagnosis. They ARE out there, so don't give up.
You could also make an arrangment with your folks that you could do chores for allowance or get a paper route to make payments to the vet or pay your parents back. It never hurts to ask and you should be pushy. Your piggy needs you and needs to be seen by a vet, make them aware of that!
If they still will not budge, maybe you should find a home for her/him with someone who can take it to the vet. Or ask a relative to.
It sounds like you love her and want to give her the care she needs, but cannot. If you didn't care for her--you would not be here pleading for help. Sorry you received some rude posts. Some people do not put themselves in the sitation before they type.
Maybe when you get older and can pay your own way--you can get another one to love.
Good luck.
Sincerely, Theresa

Briana D
02-27-03, 04:30 pm
Theresa - Germboy first posted about this pig 2/23/2003. Today has been five days since his pig has had a possible leg fracture. He has said very bluntly that his parents will not take the pig to the vet because of the cost. Many people have told him to keep asking and his answer is that they say no. If I was Germboy I would have nagged my parents to the point that they would take the pig to the vet the same day that I had suspicions something was wrong. Five days later and this pig still hasn't gotten any help.
There is nothing we can do to get the pig to the vet and Germboy doesn't seem to be pushing his parents to change their mind. If the pig doesn't see the vet his leg will probably heal but there is no way to know if it will set correctly. Keep in mind this is IF a leg fracture is the problem.
"You all are horrible!" - Really? We tell him to seek medical attention for his pig and he refuses because of his parents. We're the horrible ones.

Germboy - I agree that you should tell your parents that their actions in no way are teaching you to be a responsible pet owner. I hope you pig gets the medical attention it needs.

02-27-03, 04:50 pm
Many parents and kids think that those animals look so cute in the cages at the pet store...look how long people have been buying bunnies and chicks at Easter!!! But, they think that "oh well, if it gets sick, we'll just let it die and buy another one tomorrow". It sounds to me that may be the case with Germboy and his parents. If we were horrible as you called us, we would not being suggesting he take it to the vet and get care for it. Nor would we be begging him to beg his parents to reconsider. I don't see where that makes us HORRIBLE. You may luvyuranimals, but what about other people's animals?

02-27-03, 06:44 pm
If I may add my 2 cents, you <strong>DO NOT</strong> buy a pet and then expect your parents or even siblings to pay for the vet bills when your pets need checkups during their lifetime. You can <strong>NOT</strong> make any excuses to not get that poor piggy to the vet!

If you and your parents aren't financially fit to pay for the expenses of having a pet, then you best take your piggy to a local rescue or shelter.

Because you are pretty much ignoring your pet since you don't seem determined to get the piggy the help it desperately needs.

Shame on you and your parents. :lol:

02-27-03, 06:49 pm
I could go on and on but can see by all the other post in this forum that its would be no use. There are always people who think they know everything and have no compassion. I think that he was responsible enough to go looking for help elsewhere like this forum and you all just beat him down with insults.
Yes, it is a good thing to be responsible with your animals, but it also a good thing to be compassionate with people too--not just animals. He didnt have to come here looking for help..he could have just watched his animal suffer. But he didnt , he made a choice to do something about it.
If you have a problem with people who buy animals and don't take care of them, you will have along road of heartache ahead of you if you take it so personally everytime.
At least Germboy asked you for suggestions. And was not willing to just ignore the situation himself-alone. Which is what you have made him. Handling it alone. No one here offered up any suggestion--just pratically yelled at him for coming here for help.
And as a matter of fact--I am a HUGE animal rights activist. You dont know me and how dare you judge me and ask me a question like that. And its LuvMYanimals
I had to turn my own neighbors & friends into the SPCA and local law inforcement because they were starving thier animals to death. Try living next to them now. But at least the animals were saved. There are many things in my past as far as saving animals and the list is too long to post here and actually none of your business--so before you go around offending people for NO REASON..think about it. I WAS offended by what you said to that young man, I cannot imagine how he felt when he turned to knowledgable people on this forum and was scorned for trying to do something when his own parents wouldnt listen. No compassion, no suggestion, just everyone telling him what a horrible person he is for having a pet and not being able to take it to the vet when it gets sick.
Grow up. Or leave that little bubble you are living in thinking everything is going to go your way or the way YOU think things should be. Not everyone is in a situation that you want them to be in. And you shouldnt judge people. Who do you think you are?

02-27-03, 06:59 pm
I also wanted to add that I had many, many animals when I was younger and my folks loved me enough to make sure that my animals had all the proper care they needed. Including veterinary care. So please do not say that when you are young, you should not be able to rely on your parents to pay for your animals supplies or vet bills because that is not the case for everyone. Maybe you, but not everyone. I had horses, dogs, hamsters and anything else I could bring in the house and my parents supported everything about it and never ignored me when any of my animals needed care.
So do not say that if you are too young to work or pay your way you cannot have a pet or pets--thats not fair.

Briana D
02-27-03, 07:48 pm
You're right. I have no compassion for someone who won't take a potential fatally injured animal to the vet. I'm glad he went looking for help and he did get it. We all told him to go to the vet. No one here is qualified to give advice to a child about what to do with a fractured guinea pig leg.

The only advice he is going to get it to take the pig to a vet because that is the only reasonable and logical advice. He responds he can't take it and of course animal lovers are going to react. Being such a big animal rights activist I would think you'd have the same reaction.

<blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>If you have a problem with people who buy animals and don't take care of them, you will have along road of heartache ahead of you if you take it so personally everytime.

Very true. I think an injured animal that is refused medical advice would cause heartache to a lot of people.

<blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>Or leave that little bubble you are living in thinking everything is going to go your way or the way YOU think things should be.

We just want him to take the pig to the vet. It has nothing to do with having things our way - it's the right thing to do.

Good job on turning your neighbors in - they got a second chance. You should be proud.

I'm glad you got to have the experience of owning animals when you were younger with the support of your parents. Obviously that is not the case here.

02-27-03, 08:38 pm
Thank you Briana :)

luvmyanimals, stop trying to make excuses for him. Sure, anyone can get on the computer and talk about their problems, but until you actually <strong>DO</strong> something to resolve the matter(which in this case is to take the piggy to a vet), you have done nothing at all. Compassion and doing the right thing are two totally different subjects. YES, everyone should have respect for one another and show compassion, but we wouldn't be nice if we ignored this situation and didn't tell him what being responsible for pet ownership actually means.

Enuf said!

02-27-03, 09:16 pm
Okay, yes, he goes to this forum to get opinions, Oh gosh but I have to say that: Forum isn't the only way to know what to do, I won't trust the life of my pet in a forum. And also I think we advise him what to do didn't we?

Luvmyanimals, in reading this literature I think we can obviously decide who needs help. We just advise him to go to the vet for his cavy, wrong or not? NOT. but he insist of not doing so

02-28-03, 03:23 pm
Just what EXACTLY did you want US to do for germboy? We certainly couln't GIVE him money to take his pet to the vet. We couldn't TAKE his pet to the vet. We could give him ADVICE, which we did. Maybe, just maybe, if his parents had read our responses, they might have changed THEIR minds about taking that poor guinea pig to a vet, but I doubt it. They had their minds made up the day they bought that animal and that was that it either lived under their CONDITIONS or die. The pet will die...it will suffer and hurt. It will STOP EATING AND DRINKING. And it will die. How sad.

I apologize for spelling your "name" wrong. How HORRIBLE of me. I think I will go upstairs and play with my well cared for and LOVED guinea pigs.

02-28-03, 04:46 pm
I really think this topic should be closed. God know's we've had our disagreements around here, but some topics get ridiculous, and I hope to never get into anymore again.

02-28-03, 05:57 pm
Everyone is entitled to voice their opinion. And everyone is
entitled to a rebuttal. You have had your say and choose
not to say anything else, other than tell others what THEY
should do. If this upsets you, maybe you need to stay away
from this forum.

02-28-03, 06:15 pm
Excuse me, maybe YOU should find a different forum or better yet board to post on. I've been here much longer than you have. Yes everyone is entitled to voice their opinion, but everyone should also have respect for each other's opinions. The post I made before your's wasn't directed to you or anyone individually. It was to everyone, including myself.

02-28-03, 08:51 pm
Angelpro, LuvMyanimals and Germboy we haven't said anything wrong but advise this Guinea Pig owner to get his leg-fractured pet to the Vet. If this is a ridiculous advise I'll kill myself. I don't. If he doesn't have money why get a Cavy at aLL ? ? ? ?

No one has the right to have any animal if he don't have the ability to properly and responsibly take care of it. Of course money isn't the only issue here but it's one of those factors that a pet owner can't or won't manage to don't have.

StarGardener: Please don't tell people you're arguing how long you have been here, it won't do anything good or it won't even lighten up this people's mind to respect anywho. In more times, the newer ones must be reminded of things because they are new here and they don't know how the environment and atmosphere in this forum goes.

AngelPro: Kindly re-read your messages, thanks.

02-28-03, 09:08 pm
I suppose it is pointless, Angelicum, but still, I think newbies should have better respect for people who have been here longer, including yourself.

02-28-03, 10:12 pm
I agree, but we must also do respect them. we do.

03-04-03, 10:41 pm
My guinea pig ( Tinks ) is about a year old and she jus recently had four babies but the one died due to the sack not being pulled off in time...I wasnt there when this event took place nor did I know that it was going to take place...I believed the pet store guy when he said I had another female. Okay so now the three males are weaned from Mom ( Tinks ) and everything is going well but she seems differnt, is it because she matured and became a mother or is she getting sick? I give her plenty of feed and freah water, vitman, fresh veggies, etc etc... I need help honestly! If I lose her my life will be so disfunctional! She is like my kid! Please help!
Thanks for reading,

Briana D
03-04-03, 11:51 pm
Please register and post this at Guinea Lynx - www.guinealynx.info/forums/ (http://www.guinealynx.info/forums/)

There are many people there that are well educated about these types of problems. Go post there now.

03-06-03, 12:05 pm
I just wanted to say before I leave this forum, that you all need to relax some and be able to receive constructive chritism from others without taking it personally--if I was sitting in a room with all of you, you would be able to hear the tone of my voice and know that I am not yelling, or scolding or shaking my finger at any of you. I just think this could have been handled alittle better. And some of you ARE very uncompassionate to others and should think about how to word your topics before typing. They come across cold and unfeeling. And like people who think they know it all....and I cannot stand that.
I have moved on to a more relaxed forum with people who appreciate my opinions without flaming or getting all "crazy-like".
I noticed Germboy has not posted here again, so I assume he is not even aware of what has transpired which is sad. I wish him luck in the future and hope it all worked out in the Pigs favor, which is all I wanted to begin with.