View Full Version : Vacuum for fleece hurts pigs ears?

08-27-08, 04:19 pm
I want to switch to fleece in the future. Does anyone know of a good low to no noise portable, hand-held vacuum? I want a nice one that easily sucks up all the feces and doesn't hurt the pigs ears so that they can stay in the cage while I easily suck all of it up.

08-27-08, 09:06 pm
All my pigs stay in the cage while I vacuum, and I know several other members leave the pigs in the cage. The time you run the vacuum is very short (at least in my experience) and isn't going to cause damage to their ears.

08-28-08, 03:43 pm
Thank you for the info!

bunnys n pigs
08-28-08, 03:54 pm
Keep in mind that pigs hearing is nearly 100 times a humans though, and it can frighten them even if it doesn't do any long-term damage. Also, try a dust pan and hand brush to sweep daily spots, and if possible, keep the actual vacuum itself out side of the room (possibly closing the door with a crack open for the hose) (if the pigs are in their cages while you sweep) and only bring the hose of the vacuum in, that keeps the noise out of the room but you can sweep :)

08-28-08, 04:10 pm
I like to just shake out my fleece while Maple is in the Kitchen area. I bring the fleece out to the field and a couple good shakes later bring it back in.

08-28-08, 04:59 pm
I am new to fleece but have been using a small hand broom and dustpan because I too am afraid of scaring the piggies with a vaccuum.