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bunnys n pigs
08-27-08, 03:18 pm
No, I am not getting rid of my rabbits, shun the slightest thought of itlol!
However, I've owned rabbits for literally half of my life now, and I think I need my brain refreshed. What I'm really trying to say is, I know appropriate care of rabbits, more than appropriate, you could say I've dedicated my life to them :), but I would love to re-read on rabbit care! I think it's time to do so, because after a while, I tend to over-look some of the important facts, and even forget some! So if you have connections to a care site for rabbits, that looks from the rabbits view (not what some humans think as "Okay"), then please list it below! I very much appreciate tips also! Maby tips on easier litter box cleaning, fun toys, or any other information you can provide! I've owned rabbits for half of my life, keep in mind, but I think it would help out everyone to share some tips for care! I really need some, rabbits are a handful!
Thank you very much for reading, please reply if you have any good care sites, or tricks-of-the-trade that you know of! God bless! :)

08-28-08, 04:18 am
This site is my favourite rabbit site, and the one I always direct people to. I don't know if it will give you any info you don't already know but its well worth a look.

08-28-08, 04:55 am

08-28-08, 06:14 am
This is my favorite site.
It says MN but it is easy to read and has links to appropriate housing.
I'm biased because this is a society that I'm part of...(which is why it is my favorite.)