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08-27-08, 12:11 pm
This forum is so educational and full of knowledge that I know there must be a post about this somewhere but I just can't find it. So... can anyone tell me how to go about training my piggers to go "potty" in a specific spot? I have just made the move to fleece and would be very happy if they pee'd in a tray or something.

Thanks in advance ;)

08-27-08, 03:06 pm
The pigs will typically choose their corner and you're meant to put the litter pan there.

08-27-08, 03:25 pm
Ahhh... I hope it's that easy. Looks like my piggies chose every corner including the center lol

08-27-08, 04:41 pm
Mine poo every where, but they pee in specific areas & I believe it's like that for most people. I don't think they can help if a poo slips out! :expressio

08-27-08, 05:03 pm
Mine just poops whenever she is in a hidey house or blanket, or some where in her hay area.

08-27-08, 05:11 pm
Is it true that guinea pigs poop when they eat?

08-27-08, 05:42 pm
They aren't always eating when they poop, but they do a lot of it while they're grazing. In one end and out the other!

08-27-08, 07:58 pm
You will find most of the potty training threads here in the About Cages forum where your thread has been moved. Do a forum search for "potty training" or "litter training" and I bet tons will show up.

You can't train a pig really, they have to have the want to use a certain area or pan themselves.