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08-26-08, 09:38 pm
I've been using CareFresh since I've gotten my piggie, but I was wondering about Fleece.

Does it absorb pee-pee?
Why do people have boxes or sections of CareFresh?
Should I put the pee-pee pads under the fleece?

Any advice would be great!

08-26-08, 09:47 pm
This will get moved to the bedding section, I'm sure, where you can find the answer to these questions.

But anyway. Fleece doesn't absorb the pee. That's why you have towels or puppy pads or cloth diapers or old comforters, etc. underneath, to absorb it.

Boxes and sections of regular bedding are usually the "kitchen" area of the cage. Where the hayrack, pellet bowl, and water bottle mostly are. Since piggies eat and pee/poop at the same time, it makes the "living" area of the cage much cleaner.

Yes. If you do decide to use puppy pads, they go under the fleece, or the piggies might eat them.

I recommend reading the fleece sticky in the bedding section.