View Full Version : Genderly Confused or An offereing of "love"?

bunnys n pigs
08-26-08, 09:11 pm
HaHa, well the tittle may strike you as odd, but it's very much the situation my rabbit is in. I own 3 dutch rabbits, 1 boy (neutered) - 1 girl (unaltered still) - and the offspring of the female (we adopted mother was pregnant, and we have yet to find out the gender of our youngest.)
Well the problem is, I offered each of my rabbits a roll of toilet paper as a new thing to drag around and chew on, but my neutered male, Jed, is now frantically searching his cage and eying the other rabbits (they are separated but their cages are connected) with a fluff of toilet paper crammed in his cheeks and out of his mouth. He's searching all around his cage for a place to build on, for a nest possibly?, but I've noticed he and my other female have been bonded since the birth of her kits (as I've said, we adopted her when she was pregnant) and he is quite possibly gesturing the wad of paper as an offering to start a nest for kits of their own? Possibly he thinks he has gotten her pregnant? The two have been in separate cages with no actual unsupervised stimulation, other than two bonding sessions so I myself am QUITE confused! lol
Well I HAVE pictures, but they sadly exceed the gigabyte limit. If anyone at all has info on inserting pictures to the forums, or more importantly about my male nest builder, please help!:)