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08-26-08, 05:28 pm
Dot is still itching like mad. You can tell her coat is thinning. If it wasn't for the fact that she has long hair that sticks out everywhere, she would probably have bald spots. The worst spot is on her back. It is very flakey and she's scratched it enough to cause a few small scabs.

I talked to the lady I adopted Dot from (she's a vet, or at least a vet tech; not sure which) and she gave me three doses of Revolution to give her. I gave her the first does behind her ear a couple of days ago. I'm supposed to reapply the Revolution after 10 days.

I didn't know how long it normally took the Revolution to kick into effect if it is indeed mites? She's so sensitive I hate to even pick her up because it causes a mad spout of itching and groaning.

Is there anything it could be other than mites? She's eating, drinking, and preforming bodily functions all normally. I have heard her cough once or twice, but nothing frequent. She wheeks and talks to me when I talk to her, so I don't think she is in any pain.

Would giving her a bath help matters any, or no?

08-26-08, 05:42 pm
All I know is hair loss seems to be a tale tale sign of cysts. I don't have any experience with that though, so I shouldn't be saying anything.

08-26-08, 06:10 pm
Do not bathe a pig with mites, it makes them burrow in deeper and causes much more pain.

08-26-08, 06:56 pm
Do not bathe a pig with mites, it makes them burrow in deeper and causes much more pain.
Okay, I'll stay away from the baths.

Is it possible for it to be something else other than mites? I just started my freshman year of college so I'm strapped for time and money at the moment, but if needed I could find time to squeeze her into a vet visit.
I noticed that she started doing this after I switched to KM's BlueGrass hay...is it possible that she is allergic to it?

08-26-08, 07:07 pm
Allergies, while rare, are not unheard of.
Mites need a few treatments before they'll die off. I'd finish treatment before looking for other options.

I was going to say that Revolution may not be doing the job like Ivermectin would, but I wasn't sure about it. I just checked GuineaLynx and if I'm interpreting what they say correctly, Revolution has a hit and miss track record. Is it possible to ask your vet tech to give you Ivermectin instead?


Selamectin -- (Revolution)
A newer treatment for mites and lice requiring a prescription. Apply topically to the skin. Pfizer reportedly advises 10mg/kg for cavies. Selamectin does not have ivermectin's proven safety track record but some cavy owners appreciate the convenience of once a month topical dosing.