View Full Version : I have 2 piggies and want another, couple questions..

08-24-08, 08:32 pm
Is my cage big enough? I have a C&C cage made with 14" cubes. The cage is 4x2 with an L shaped 3 cube second floor. This seems a fine size for the 2 I have now, but will it be too small for another? Also, should I have problems with the new piggie being together with the 2 that I already have. They're both girls for the record and I was going to get another girl.

Thank you!


Percy's Mom
08-24-08, 08:52 pm
The second floor isn't part of the calculation when figuring how many cavies can fit in a cage. If you want to add a third sow to your twosome, a minimum 2X5 grid cage would be a better idea. You can find a chart of minimum sizes on the homepage for this forum, www.guineapigcages.com (http://www.guineapigcages.com).

A third girl should work fine with the other two. Make sure you keep her in quarantine for 3 weeks. When you're checking out shelters and rescues looking for your third pig, don't discount a neutered boar. They typically do very well with multiple sows.

08-24-08, 10:06 pm
May be a bit cramped. Bigger is better.