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08-24-08, 11:30 am

i am going to get a hedgehog (sorry, i know this forum is for guinea pigs but it has a lot of info on c & c cages) and i will be building a c & c cage. I was wondering wether to make liners or just use aspen, if i do make them do i just have two layers of fleece sewn together or do they need some sort of absorbent layer in the middle?

thanks! :)

08-24-08, 11:56 am
Hello and welcome. Hedgehogs are SOOOOO cool. Most of us that use fleece use towels or mattress pads and then just one layer of fleece on top. Some sew them together, but not all of us do. The purpose of fleece is to wick the urine away from the surface and the towels or mattress pads hold the moisture away from the surface until it dries. Fleece also makes it easier to clean up the little "gifts" that our little dears leave us. There is a lot of info here as well as great ideas. I hope that you visit often.

08-24-08, 01:18 pm
I second that on the fleece. That's what my girlfriend uses for hers.

08-24-08, 01:27 pm
Thanks a lot!

I am going to use liners as they seem like a lot less hassle and are much cheaper. I plan on visiting a lot because this place is a great resource!

08-24-08, 01:32 pm
Are you getting the hedgie from a rescue?

08-24-08, 05:02 pm
No, i don't know of any rescues in my area i was planning on getting one from a breeder. :)

08-24-08, 07:19 pm
No, i don't know of any rescues in my area i was planning on getting one from a breeder. :)
It just takes patience to look.
If you want to PM me your location, I can see if I can help you find a rescue hog online for your area.
My girlfriend's was a rescue, and once she got the adorable thing back to good health, she adopted the hedge hog out. (The nails were growing into the poor things padding.)
She let me feed it fresh worms once. I just love the way the hog puffed when handled.