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08-24-08, 10:12 am
I built (well me and my dad built) this HUGE pen with a top for toby. Unfortuntly for me I will only get to see him once every two weeks. :( But I am going to get him a friend or two, and my dad will come down there and care for him while I'm gone. But the cage is so big that we have to use hay for bedding. Heres the problem> its sunday and all the co-ops are closed. I don't want him sleeping on dirt! But the lowes near us has bales of Pine Straw. It doesn't have the aromatic oils, and its soft. Can I use it for bedding for 2 days and then get some bluegrass? (we give him timothy to eat, but bluegrass is comfy and therefore it will make a nice bedding :) )

08-24-08, 10:18 am
Whether or not it's safe, I don't know, but I wouldn't do it. Can't you use aspen or kiln dried pine shavings? Wood shavings usually come in large bags and are very cheap.

08-24-08, 10:25 am
I'm in the country, the next pet store is 2 citys away! Plus the largest bag they sale would take 3 to fill it up, wich can be kinda pricey. its just temp. Its hurricaned here yesterday and the ground is moist, so I have to put bedding in there before I put him in there :(

08-24-08, 10:29 am
I live in the country and they sell shavings at Walmart and Lowes, it's never more than 5 or 6 dollars a bag.

08-24-08, 10:31 am
our pine isn't kiln dired in walmart or lowes. Is just regular, smelly, dangerous, pine and cedar.

08-24-08, 01:14 pm
If you lived in the midwest, I would recommend Fleet Farm.
They tend to be out in the country and they carry things I can use for my guinea.

08-24-08, 01:31 pm
For now I'm laying a sheet down. Tommorow afternoon my dads going to get some bluegrass.

08-25-08, 04:41 pm
Are you housing the pig outdoors? Do you realize that it's not a good idea for pigs to live outside?

Is your dad going to clean the pen every couple of days to remove wet hay that is used for bedding? If not then your pig may end up on moldy bedding and could get sick. You said you are only there once every two weeks. Honestly, it's not fair to you or your pig.