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08-23-08, 04:37 pm
I'm upgrading my pigs to a C&C from their pet store cages. Currently I have one boy and one girl, living in seperate cages, since neither is nuetered or spayed. I'm getting each a pal, though, and I wanted to know what my cage options are. I am planning on either a 3x3 or a 3x2, which one is better for them? Obviously, bigger is better, but will the extra grid for the 3x3 actually affect them by a lot? If it does, then I'll definitely add it, but I am looking to save space but provide them with a large, proper home. Also, does anyone know the dimensions for each? I would like to order the coroplast, but I don't know how long and wide it will be.

If anyone can answer these questions it would be fantastic!! Thanks. :)

08-23-08, 04:40 pm
I would go for the 3x3. A 2x3 is a bit tight for two pigs (once you get their buddies) especially the boys.

Dimensions are on the home page. http://www.guineapigcages.com/index.htm

08-23-08, 04:42 pm
All right, 3x3 it is. Maybe I'll look into a 4x4...hmm. Anyway, thanks for the quick reply Haley!! Okay, now that I think about it, I might be able to squeeze a four by four in my room. I can't seem to find a picture of one though, just to get an idea of the size. Does anyone know of any 4x4 cage pictures? If you do, a link would be great.