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08-20-08, 04:26 pm
Right now, my two pigs still live in seperate pet store cages. (Yes, not good, I know) I'm making a huge change for the better though, with better food, adopted partners, and a bigger cage. But my mother says I'm impulsive and she doesn't want to get rid of a cage that my grandparents went "out of their way" to get. Well, I was thinking I could use those cages as lofts for main C&C cages. I was wondering if anyone had ideas about how that could be done...or if it could be done. Thanks!!:)

Harrys Dad
08-20-08, 05:21 pm
Yes it can be done and a few have done it on here check out the photo galleries at the top of the page.

08-20-08, 06:33 pm
I was able to use a pet store cage in a creative way. The base is now the kitchen area/litter pan. I flipped the wire part of the cage over and I'm using it as a storage bin for fleece & towels.

08-20-08, 08:50 pm
Dinny, I did that with the top too! But I needded mor space.

dra&pigs: I used the bottom as a litter pan in they're cage. I added a hay rach water bottle and bowls and they usualy go there. I'm to scared to try a secon level so it works for me!

08-21-08, 03:51 pm
All right, that seems much better than a loft-I was thinking about it and while they had floor time I lifted the cages and was terrified of the fact that all that weight would not stay up and come crashing down on them! That sounds good. I'm planning on making a 3x3 for each pair, so a the cage bottom would fit easily in there. (It's roughly the size of a 2x1.)