View Full Version : My new guinea pig couch!

08-20-08, 06:29 am
So I was trying to make a cuddle cup last night and I was not really doing a good job. :confused: So I decided to improvise and try to make some sort of couch like thing. I took the piece of zebra print fleece I was going to use for the cuddle cup and an old square plastic container. I cut a big piece out of the front of the container, sewed the fleece around it in a couch like shape and filled it with some cotton from the inside of an old pillow. And here you have it being modeled by Miss Belle, my new piggie couch!


08-29-08, 03:50 pm
That's awesome!

08-29-08, 08:42 pm
Cool couch!

09-08-08, 02:33 am
Thanks for sharing~ Great idea. Some people are so inventive.

09-08-08, 12:27 pm
Good job!
My mom and I started a sewing project a couple years ago. We were going to make a little couch that folded out into a sleeper-sofa. I was going to use it for my stuffed animals, but we never finished it! So maybe I can get my mom to help me finish it for when I get my piggies, hmmmm....
That is a very cute fabric! I like it a lot!

09-09-08, 09:01 am
Great idea!

09-13-08, 08:48 pm
Hi who ever made this couch, can you send me directions on how you did it exactly. Im a wierdo and have to have all the coolest things in my piggies cages and would love to know how you did this. Please pm me or email me with directions if anyone knows how to make this couch.

09-13-08, 08:49 pm
Great idea! Very inventive-thanks for sharing!

09-19-08, 10:07 am
Me again, what type of plastic container did you use? Thanks!