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12-29-04, 11:02 am
Is there a way to stop all of the post responses from flooding my E-mail address? Everytime someone responds to a topic I posted on or created it e-mails a notice to me. It's becoming a huge problem when I have to clean out my E-mail box.

12-30-04, 09:46 am
To stop the emails...

Go to "My Profile" from the menu bar at the top.

Choose Edit Options.

Scroll down to Messaging and Notification

In that section, look at the option for "Default Thread Subscription Mode"

Change the option to "Do Not Subscribe".

That will change any future threads that you reply to.

For the existing threads:

On the left side of the screen in My Profile, choose "List Subscriptions"

That will show you all the threads that you are subscribed to.

At the bottom of the screen, it should say: "Selected Threads:"

Change that to no email notification.

12-30-04, 11:06 am
Okay, thanks Treen!