View Full Version : Cage woes--doesn't use second story

08-15-08, 10:24 pm
Right now my rabbit has a 2x4 C&C cage for nighttime and when we're out of the house. I added a small second level in hopes he'd be inspired and get more exercise jumping on and off it, but he has no interest. I know he can stretch on his hind legs and reach it, but he's a dwarf rabbit--should I add a ramp? Or are not all rabbits 'climbers'?

08-15-08, 11:23 pm
Well...about a ramp...I know that my friend's mini rex rabbit loved her ramp so much she RACED - and I mean raced up it! She had to replace the carpet soon though.

I'd try the ramp and then let him explore the ramp a bit. You could lure him up it by putting fresh veggies there.

You could also see if he would go up onto the second level without a ramp by luring him onto it with fresh veggies.

Good Luck!!