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08-14-08, 05:52 pm
Hey everyone. I have just joined the forum but have owned my guinea pig for about a year and a half. His name is Vinny. I have just upgraded his cage so he has more room to run around and he is happier. :D I do not have any good pictures of him because he is a little punk and moves every time i take the photo so they are all really blurry. I will keep attempting and hopefully shortly i will have some pictures of him.

- Danielle :)

Harrys Dad
08-14-08, 07:51 pm
Howdy Danielle! Try waiting until he is eating his veggies and snapping a picture of him.

08-14-08, 09:35 pm
Ya I will. I just put him in his new cage today and he is over excited by all the room he has to play. He was cooped up in a store bought cage for a while which was sad so i need to let him get used to his new home. then i will snap some cute pics of him.

lynn's Cavies
08-14-08, 10:23 pm
Hi, welcome to the forum. I have 3 pigs. :)

08-15-08, 01:56 am
hey there and welcome

hope u get a pic soo ;P

08-15-08, 02:33 am
Welcome. Glad you've made your cage bigger. Any chance of adopting him a buddy in the future?

08-15-08, 05:41 pm
hey. Animal_ Lover, I have posted a better pic of Vinny.
http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/showphoto.php/photo/12060 (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/../photos/showphoto.php/photo/12060)

And PixieStix I really want to get him a friend because he would be so much happier, but i go off to college in a year and my mom is dreading having to care for my one pig let alone having two. my friend has a pig that i feel bad for because she is kept in such a small cage and never gets fresh veggies or cuddled so i wanted to ask my friend if i could have her, but my pig is a boy and once again my mom says "No"... :(

- Danielle

08-15-08, 09:44 pm
Aww, he's a cutie. Welcome!

08-18-08, 07:35 pm
Welcome! Your pig is a cutie!