View Full Version : I can't find my piggy's picture

12-28-04, 11:13 pm
I uploaded around 2 days ago but I couldn't find it now... how come?

12-29-04, 12:50 am
It might have been deleated if it was just the pig and no cage stuff.

12-29-04, 08:03 am
I see... I think it was deleted... thanks Tasha

12-29-04, 09:24 am
Yes, it probably was. I try to take a pics that include them!

12-29-04, 11:05 am
It probably was. I don't have time to write emails or PMs to every person about their photos. I try, but sometimes, I don't.

This is at the top of the page where you upload photos:


The site is to help inform others about cages, cage accessories, and cage supplies. At some point in the future we will offer other guinea pig photo uploads, but not now.

Also, any cage photos or photos with a cage in a background must qualify with the Cavy Cages minimum recommended sizes. Commercial or pet store cages which are too small will be deleted.

Any non-qualifying photos will be deleted. Thank you for your cooperation."
I don't catch all the non-qualifying photos, but as I do, I delete them.

Think about this. This site is about cages and environments. You originally came here to learn about cages. NOT to see hundreds of photos of other people's cute pigs. You needed to learn about how to make cages, get ideas about cages, toys, environments, etc. So does everyone else. While your pig may be cute and precious, it doesn't help someone else figure out how to take care of their pig.

In the not too distant future I hope to make some changes to allow it, but not right now.


01-03-05, 08:49 pm
I think it was deleted because it was a GP picture. Nothing related to cage.