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08-12-08, 03:11 pm
My sow has had a baby and its turned out to be a boar not sexually mature yet though. I was hoping to get my current male castrated. (You will see from previous post i thought i had two girls when purchased but one was male) I now have a huge problem because i have read that two full males wont live together with a sow. (was hoping i could get my sow spayed and let them all live together.) I dont really have the room for two large cages but dont wish to rehome any of my pigs and if i have to will make room and get another pig as a friend for the female. What have you guys experienced will they all be able to live together intend to build a 13 sq ft cage as shown on here as a good size for three pigs. Please help.

08-12-08, 03:21 pm
Keep dad and son in one cage, and mom and the friend you're going to get, in the other cage.

08-12-08, 03:34 pm
You could stack your cages like an apartment complex if space is an issue.

08-12-08, 03:35 pm
Two males can't live with a spayed or unspayed sow as they will fight over her. Your best bet is what Salana has suggested.

08-12-08, 03:39 pm
Thanks guys shall be looking for a new female soon then can two males live together with no females in there?

08-12-08, 03:44 pm
Two males can live together with no females and two females can live together with no males.

They'll be able to smell the girls if they're in the same room, but it won't cause them to fight. They might be a little more rumble-y though. ;)

08-12-08, 03:49 pm
I had two males next door to two females for a year. Jackie spent the entire year trying to impress the ladies by chewing on the grids and stinking up the room, and they spent the year ignoring him.

08-12-08, 03:57 pm
oh thats brilliant because they live in my front room and thats where i wanted them to stay

08-12-08, 05:27 pm
Okay what I did when I had the little white boys I call them is this:
They were in a C and C with just a single level directly floor level. Next to them was my 2 girls that were over there. The white boys went bonkers rumble strutting, and rubbing their stank all over the paper to mark their territory. Then they started to get a little too agressive towards each other from getting "excited"! So if you get a problem where the boars are to excited and start fighting, you can seperate the cages if side by side with a piece of coroplast. I know that this has helped me when I had them for foster care. Im not sure if you will have this problem if you stack the cages on top of each other like a condo type. Also if you see that the boys are getting rowdy you can try a group bath with smelly pig safe shampoo. Other than that I know the out of site out of mind coroplast trick will help with any unwanted agressiveness or exciteability. I hope you have the best time in the world with your piggies. And let us see some pigtures when you get that new female. Good luck!