View Full Version : Is this fungal??

08-11-08, 04:52 pm
hi there, do you think Gus has a fungal infection around his eye?? I have a vet appointment in an hour.
here's a picture you can see:

08-11-08, 06:20 pm
It might be but it's hard to say.

Has he been treated for mites?

08-11-08, 07:17 pm
brought him to the vet and he gave me oral (Sporanox) and topical (Surocam) medication to tread for ringworm. The meds are for 10 days and them I'm to bring Gus back to the vet to see if it's working

hopefully it all clears up :)

08-11-08, 08:34 pm
Meesh, I am so glad to hear you took your little Gus to the vet.

Keep us updated on how things go.

08-11-08, 10:43 pm
I will :) Gus isn't itching and the Vet said it wasn't anywhere else on his body so it should get better soon :D

08-11-08, 11:51 pm
Be careful that you don't get the ringworm. It is communicable to humans as well.

08-12-08, 06:24 am
the vet said to wear gloves when I put the cream on and not to touch the area