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12-28-04, 09:36 pm
Hi everyone

I have a male rabbit. He is so awesome and i love him a lot but he smells. I clean his cage atleast twice a day, this includes cleaning out his litter box and scrubbing the bottom tray with soap and water also vinager water solution. Is there a reason why he smeels so much? I was thinking it was beacuse he has not been neutered yet, he will be old enough in January. Any ideas or suggestiong would be appraicted. Thanks Again.


12-28-04, 09:58 pm
I have an eight month old baby boy and I had some of the same problems you do. My first question is does he smell or his cage? If its his litter box then if your not using bunny/cat litter you might want to put that in the box. Its a much cleaner smell. If its him thats because he is spraying. When he gets a little older he should stop that , mine just did.Well, hope this helps and anymore questions feel free to ask!

12-29-04, 06:05 am
I dont think it is the bunny that smellls because I have even tried to give him a bath. In his litter box i use pine bedding. I have tried cat litter but it feels different to him so therefor he wont use it. Thanks for you help.

12-29-04, 08:07 am
Rabbits go through a teenage phase where they become hormonal and have stinky urine. Neutering will definitely help and will probably eliminate the problem.

Pine shavings and cedar shavings are toxic to rabbits and can cause liver disease and respiratory problems. Cat litter is also harmful to rabbits because the dust can cause pneumonia and if they injest the clumping litter, it can be fatal.

Safe litter includes: wood stove pellets, Yesterday's news, aspen shavings, Carefresh, and Feline pine. Feline Pine is safe for rabbits because the manufacturing process gets rid of the harmful elements of pine. I would personally recommend wood stove pellets as they are cheap, absorbant, and help control odor.