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08-11-08, 09:01 am
hey everybody lol

heres us

i live in australia and i am an animal nut love every animal no matter the size.

i have 4 girl piggers

honey my first. i got her about 2 years ago she was a give away not pet store( hate petsores that sell animals it is crule and unnessesary) and clerly needed love. (short haird crested)

she soon gave birth to molly(cream and gray agguity)(sp?)
and poopy(multi coulours abby) .
molly was rejected by mom and we hand fed her and sadley she is half blind but she is the sweetest pig ever.
i no it is hard to belive but theses 3 are actully realted

custard is my perivian cross wich i got from a friend who didnt want her anymore =(

i was surfing the net for cages options as i felt they needed more room and here i am planning to build a c&c cage soon 2x6.. :)

well that is us i will post pics of the cages they have atm.. soon to be c&c

thnx and goodbye for now
P.P. i appoligise in advance for my bad spelling or grammer its not my strong point:optimist:

08-11-08, 10:31 am
Very cute pigs. Glad you are researching C&C cages. They are the best really for indoor housing. Welcome to GPC and can't wait to see the cage you come up with.

08-12-08, 08:07 pm
Welcome, cute girls you have. Your pigs will surely appreciate the bigger cage!

08-12-08, 08:41 pm
Your pigs are adorable! Quite the bunch you have!

08-18-08, 07:38 pm
Welcome! Your pigs are cute!