View Full Version : fat pig?

Falcon The Lancer
03-10-03, 10:03 am
whats the healthy weight for a 10 month old pig, he wighs about a kilo and a half (1.5) is he fat skinny or normal

03-10-03, 11:57 am
You don't need to be alarmed. Three pounders are out there. Frank is over 3 lbs, meaning he's probably the same weight as your pig. They are not fat, just big. Pigs vary in all sizes. Don't worry. :D

Falcon The Lancer
03-11-03, 09:19 pm
but hes not even a year old....silly pig

03-12-03, 11:45 am
My pig isn't a year old either. He weighed about 3 lbs. at probably 5 months or so.