View Full Version : new baby

08-08-08, 01:41 pm
Hi my female has jgiven birth there is only one baby there was no blood or anything else in the cage mother is happy and eating baby is active is this all normal i was expecting more babies

08-08-08, 04:53 pm
I think one baby is quite normal, especially if it's her first litter, and if I remember correctly, this is a petstore pig that was very young and pregnant, so hopefully it is her first (and last) litter.

Yes, it's quite normal not to find any blood in the cage because the momma will eat all of the afterbirth, even the shavings, if they were bloody.

08-08-08, 05:17 pm
As long as she's not still trying to deliver a baby that's not coming out, one baby is perfectly fine.

08-09-08, 03:44 am
No mum and baby seem fine mum is moving about eating and not distressed so think it was just the 1 baby no more babys male being castrated in the near future seperated until then