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bunnys n pigs
08-07-08, 07:37 pm
My youngest rabbit male rabbit (who was born the runt back in november of 07) has developed a small translucent film over the front corner of his left eye. Just days before noticing Mini's eye problem, we had discovered patches of fur missing just above both of his front shoulders. We aren't sure If this is caused by a possible parasite or even a common house fly, but I'm very concerned either way. We have no possible way of getting a vet to check out the situation until Monday morning, so I need as much information as I can get until then, to make sure I can prevent or stop further signs of what ever appears to be happening. I have 3 rabbits, and Mini is the only one with missing fur (NOTE - The skin in the area where the fur was pulled are black patches, they aren't raised or swollen, but just discolored compared to his normal pink skin. The only places the skin's black is where the fur was pulled) and Mini is the only one with the translucent white film on the front corner of his left eye. I'm not sure if this will help anything at all, but my father is a doctor (I'm saying this in case there is any possible way he could help or prevent further symptoms of the mystery problem.) I'm thinking this may be due to a type of worm or parasitic related problem. We don't know much about Mini's background because he was the offspring of a rabbit (Emmy) who someone dumped in front of a local mall's pet store, we took in the abandoned rabbit (Emmy) to later find out she was pregnant with 6 kits, and we're guessing that Emmy was inbreed to result in the birth of the kits (Mini was one of the 6 kits). I know there is a lot of off-topic information in the post but I'm trying to provide as much information as possible. Thank you for reading.

08-08-08, 12:02 am
I don't know about the eye thing. That should definitely be checked out but it sounds like he has fur mites.