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08-06-08, 10:58 pm
My mother thinks that chlorplast doesn't last that long but I wanted to know how long does your guys last? And what are some alternatives just in case? Because I all ready have everything done but the bottom for my boys!

08-06-08, 11:19 pm
The coroplast I have as my cage base has lasted at least 5 years and still shows no sign of serious wear or degradation other then a few nibblemarks and some minor calcium/urine staining.

08-07-08, 12:24 am
On occaision, a pig will like to chew down all the coro. In most cases though, apart from a rare nibble, the pigs leave it alone. My coro has some urine stains on the bottom, but wiping with a vinagar/water solution works well to remove or fade them.

If you really decide you don't want to use coro (it is sturdy), linoleum is an option. I'm not sure how well it would last as opposed to coroplast. It's not as easy to work with, coroplast tends to be the better option if you can locate it. I'd definately give the coro a try. You can sometimes find old signs make out of coroplast that are being disposed of (especially political signs) if cost/replacement costs are an issue.

08-07-08, 06:45 am
My coro has lasted at least 3 years. Some of it came with the boys when I adoted them. It's all still working fine.

08-07-08, 07:12 am
Coroplast and plastic water bottles last forever.

08-08-08, 03:51 pm
Thank you all very much my parents are convinced other then my dad. But don't worry he just thinks that everything is too expensive and lives in the 1800s for price wise. My mom does the shopping so next we go shopping then we can get some!