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08-06-08, 07:05 pm
With a little squabbling, a buddy bath, and a lot of sniffing, my boys were getting along just fine.

The past few days since their introduction, I've noticed that Major Mogwai will sometimes "sneak up" on the others while they're sleeping. Sarge doesn't mind too much (they are pretty good friends so far), unlike Lt. Dan who will instantly jump up and rumblestrut.

Mogwai has a cut on his nose, I noticed it yesterday early evening during laptime. I used a damp cloth on it to try to clean him up a bit, and it's looking much better today. Some of the scab is coming off when he rubs his face, though.

Is there anything else I should be doing other than keeping an eye on it, watching for swelling, etc.?

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08-06-08, 07:08 pm
Just keep an eye on it. Milo had a scratch on his nose not too long ago and Thor had one on his lip. I assume they got into it one day. Milo's also had a bite in his "whiskery" area and now he has a little red spot on his lip. (Milo's a trouble maker, eh?) All the injuries healed fine without me doing anything to them.

08-07-08, 06:34 am
If your really worried, you can put neosporin on it. But it should heal fine without it.

08-07-08, 08:59 am
I actually wouldn't put neosporin on it because it's so close to their mouth. They may ingest it while grooming etc. etc.

08-07-08, 09:09 am
It's safe to put it as long as you don't leave an excess amount.

GL says you can use it for cheilitis on the lips. If it's safe for that, I would rest assured it would be safe for a cut on the nose.

Guinea Lynx :: Cheilitis (http://www.guinealynx.info/cheilitis.html)

08-07-08, 07:01 pm
Thank you both.

08-08-08, 06:56 am
I've used Neosporin on two of my pigs' noses/lips - per vets instructions. Just hold him for a few minutes to make sure it can "soak in" and be sure to wipe off any excess before he goes back in the cage so he doesn't ingest it (and also so he doesn't rub it on the cage somewhere where his cagemates might ingest it.)

08-10-08, 12:10 am
He's looking much better, just letting the scab fall off naturally. I did use a tiny dab of neosporin... I did it during laptime and I'm not even sure he noticed. lol