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12-27-04, 08:57 pm

I have 2 piggy's that I love so dearly!
They started in a cage that was the one on your site and the coroplast was no fun to keep clean for them. And I had a very hard time cleaning this out by myself!

So I tryed this cage

well that is even harder to clean because of the wire part and the hutch was bolted to the bottom so you had to undo that and the wire, than clean out the bottom(that was east to clean) but they really like it, (the hutch is great)

So my idea was to use the grids that I have from the last cage and which is about 22 grids, my hubby is bringing me home another box today. I thought that I could use this bottom which is flat metal and very very very easy to keep clean.

And try to make a cage like this(just to fit my base than to make the other 2 stories)
which I found on www.ebay.com (http://www.ebay.com/)
I understand how to make it all..... BUT THE RAMPS AND THE DOORS OR HOW TO EVEN CONNECT THEM!!!

I want it to be nice looking like this one. I KNOW I CAN DO THIS CHEAPER THAN THEY ARE ASKING!!!!!!

I would love some help!!!

12-28-04, 07:12 am
Personally I think it's better to have a larger floor area than divide it up in to layers with ramps. Ramps take away a large amount of usable floor space from each level and guinea pigs aren't really climbing animals, so appreciate more space to actually gather speed in, than space they have to climb up to. Extra levels are good, but as an extra place to go - the main living area on one level is more important. I think a cage like that would be more suitable (design wise) for a chinchilla or something.

Have a look in the photo galleries http://cavycages.com/photos/index.php and you'll find lots of information and pictures for design features like ramps and doors.

Good luck with your new cage - the one you're using now is certainly too small, so I hope the upgrade goes well.

12-28-04, 08:00 am
What do you use as bedding? I have absolutely no problems cleaning the coroplast. And I would think that adding upper levels & making ramps means only more cleaning? Not that that's a bad thing, but if you want to minimize the amount of work you do cleaning then I don't think a cage like that is a good idea.

12-28-04, 09:11 am
well my house is limited to space and the cage that I had that was like the ones on the site took up way to much spaceI would love to be able to give the free run of an area but I also have 3 dogs and one is a lab and one an toy poodle already treats them as if they are her pups and my family needs the cage to get alittle smaller. But loving my piggys like I do I need to find a happy in between. I use Aspen as my main bedding on the floor and in the that large hutch area I use that and tim. hay, ( I can get the aspen i a 40 lb bag for $7.00 & I get a ball of the hay for & 12.00, they love it. The other clean fresh bedding was getting to costly. I love them so and to keep them I have to find what is good for them and our pocket book. my hubby was working 60 hours a week and the company has downed that to 35 to 40 so bills are very large right now and my hubby knows how dear all my animals are to me and how happy they make me and my boys so I try to make things alittle cheeper for us but still make very happy piggy's.
I also thought about putting them into two different cages but my little girl is only 9 months old and my boys is 1 yrs and 9months so he really is her daddy.
what is I used the base I have with one of those lower totes that I saw on one of the cages on here that way they get 2x4 of 2x5 lower base than go up....
Would makling a cage out of the cubes be better or make one from wood and that hardware cloth??????
I think you all for you kind help. I just really want to still have a dinning area and happy piggys/