View Full Version : where to obtain invermectin?

08-05-08, 11:03 am
i was examining one of my guinea pig's fur yesterday when i noticed very small brownish specks in his fur where it is white. at first i thought it might be just reminants of poo that had been broken in half and napped in, but it seemed to be all in the same consistency. i checked for movement and they seemed to be moving, but it was hard to tell, as they were incredibly small. as i tried to remove them i had no trouble, which i had no trouble with, unusual for this kind of problem. i was wondering if this is a problem and if so, where can i get invermectin to treat it?

08-05-08, 07:26 pm
Ivermectin is usually used to treat mange mites. They are definitely not mange mites, since mange mites are microscopic. Try reading Guinea Lynx :: Parasites (http://www.guinealynx.info/parasites.html) to determine whether they are parasites or not.

08-06-08, 10:23 am
If it was lice, topical treatments of Ivermec will kill them. Definitely check out the link given above. What type of bedding are you using? Is it possible you are seeing dust fromthe bedding?

Either way, Ivermec is sold online Ivomec For Cattle & Swine Injection (Farm/Ranch - Cattle Wormers - Ivermectins - Injectables) (http://www.valleyvet.com/ct_detail.html?PGGUID=30e07552-7b6a-11d5-a192-00b0d0204ae5) or you can buy it from local feed stores.

Penny Lane
08-07-08, 01:37 pm
My guineapig recently recovered from a mies infestation, if none of the links check out then Defiantly take him/her to a veterinary surgeon the treatment is not expensive! It cost me 35 (about 60-70 dollars) for the consultation and the treatment. Mites can be fatal if left untreated.