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08-05-08, 06:19 am
My poor little piggy Oreo has yet another weird problem. His urine is white and opaque when fresh and it then darkens to what looks almost like melted chocolate with time. There is no blood that I can see in the urine. He's on both antibiotics and an antifungal med right now. The weird urine started with the onset of the antifungal med. Do you think this is a side effect of the meds? Tyler, the other piggy is not on the antibiotic, but is on the antifungal and his urine seems fine.

Any other suggestiosn as to what this could be?

08-05-08, 09:54 am
How does the white pee feel when its dry?

Does it feel gritty or smooth? If it feels gritty then he could have stones. If its smooth you should be okay.

As for the color is it possible poo got mashed into it turning it that color?

best of luck!

08-05-08, 10:00 am
I've noticed this with my pigs too. Pigs can sometimes have orange/rust colored urine, I believe oxidation may be playing with the color. Also as AnimalHouse said, if poo gets mashed in it looks yuck. I saw a spot like you described the other day, but I realized someone had smooshed poo in the puddle.

Res Judicata
08-05-08, 10:56 am
I get that, too when they poop and pee under their waterbottle where there's a tray to catch the drips. The poop gets all yucky and colors the urine a dark rust color.