View Full Version : Custom Cages/ Patterns?

08-04-08, 06:49 pm
A while back I found these great custom rat cages that I needed to have. Only they were $300 each and I needed two of them. Then by pure luck a woman who adopted a rat from me last year got in contact with me and told be she had two of them, used only two months, for just $120! She had to move her rats to a different room and the cages were much to big for the new space. So now I have the cages I have pinned so long for and my rats LOVE them.

Before adding hammocks and all that fun stuff:
-photo- (http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q305/jbryantwallis/IMG_2816.jpg)

:?:Does anyone know a place with a free good pattern for ferret style hanging tubes or cozy cubes:?: