View Full Version : Tylosin?

08-04-08, 11:32 am
Is Tylosin safe for guinea pigs?

It is a broad range antibiotic, generally used for respiratory and other soft tissue infections, that is added to the animal's drinking water*.

I have used it on many rats over the years to treat respiratory infections, uterine infections, urinary infections, and even to fight the infection caused by a Zymbal's Gland tumor. I (obviously) have a stock of it for my many rats and just wanted to know if I could use it if anything came up with my piggies.

*some animals refuse to drink due to the bitter taste so I use fresh fruit juice to mask the flavor

08-04-08, 12:46 pm
No, it's not safe. Its the same thing as erythromycin (http://marvistavet.com/html/body_erythromycin.html) and is on the dangerous medication list Guinea Lynx :: Dangerous Medications (http://www.guinealynx.info/dangerous_medications.html)

08-04-08, 01:01 pm
Okay, thanks