View Full Version : Piggie eating cage

08-03-08, 07:59 am
I would assume that I can count on my piggies munching the coroplast. Does anyone have an strategies on how to prevent this? Also, I would assume if you have a piggie that is chewing it on occasion, you would have to replace the coroplast often? How long before you throw yours out and make a new box?

08-04-08, 07:52 am
My pigs don't chew the coro. It really depends on the pig. My coro has been in use for at least two years now. It still works fine.

08-04-08, 10:05 am
I have read somewhere on here that you can use spine bars (that you use for filing paperwork) over the edge of the coroplast so they can't chew it. These things... Staples.co.uk - Report Covers and Spine Bars (http://www.staples.co.uk/ENG/Catalog/cat_sku.asp?Description=UK_CL_Report+Covers+and+Sp ine+Bars&CatIds=21412,21495,39501&webid=2933%2E01&affixedcode=WW)