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08-02-08, 02:06 pm
Hi Guys

Can some give me some advice.
One of my piggy's has a cough.
I took him to the vet and she gave us meds for 2 weeks. It went away and then 3 weeks later it came back. Took him back to the vets and they gave me more meds, this time for 3 weeks. He has been off these for a week and now cough is back.

What can i do?
Any help is greatfully received

08-02-08, 02:22 pm
Does your piggie have any other symptoms? Crusty eyes or nose? Are you weighing your piggie? Has he lost weight? Is your piggie still eating and drinking? What medications did the doctor give you?

08-02-08, 02:28 pm
Yes i do weigh him and he has put on 5lb in a month.
No other symptoms.
I can not remember the hole name but it started something like baytrill.
Not sure if that is right.

08-02-08, 02:54 pm
5 lbs or 5 ounces??
It sounds like it may be heart issues. I've been battling the same thing with my pigs. URI-like sneezes/coughs, treat them with Sulfatrim, they go off meds and the same stuff comes back.

08-03-08, 01:48 am
Sorry 5 ounze.
Yes he is ok when in meds but within weeks of him off them it all comes back.

Penny Lane
08-07-08, 01:39 pm
What kind of bedding are you using? He could have an allergy?

08-07-08, 02:00 pm
What kind of bedding are you using? He could have an allergy?

Allergies are rare in pigs. It's more likely a medical issue.

08-07-08, 02:33 pm
Has he had an x ray to check his heart? Frequent coughing is a sign of heart issues.

08-09-08, 03:54 am
He has not had x-ray just spoke to a cavvy vet and he said we had given meds so next step is x-ray.
We also said he mainly coughs when he is eating.
Thanks for all your help

08-13-08, 08:25 pm
I would most certainly get an X ray. On the other hand, one of my boars would sneeze frequently and had no other symptoms. Oddly enough, it was the bedding (Carefresh and Aspen) and then the food. When I would pour some in his bowl he'd sneeze and then when he'd eat he'd also sneeze. Athena used to do that too but now she's on fleece I've heard her sneeze once, when I changed the food.

The best bet though is to get that Xray to rule out heart problems. If it goes away and comes back, it sounds like a heart problem. The key is, it goes away. If it were allergies, it probably wouldn't go away.

08-14-08, 07:23 am
Thanks guys for all your reply's
I have now taken yogi to the vets and had x-ray done.
This was clear. So now we think it is something to do with the food.
We are monitoring him as there is no other symptons.
Also i have seperated the boys as Booboo keeps picking on yogi and they are so much happier.Although i have them in the same cage they have a divide down the middle so they can still see, hear and chat to each other.