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newbie meggie
08-01-08, 10:36 pm
HI all!

If need be admin can move this thread to a more suited place.

Bascially I will need to sell my lovely piggies due to lack of time I am able to devote to them. I will really miss them though!

Two male pigs not desexed and very cute! Very well handled!
approx 8 months old.
Prefer not to separate as piggies are social animals and should be kept in pairs.

Additional items: newly opened 4kg pack of food, coloured plastic igloos (x2), hay, carefresh bedding. Cage (c&c cage) is avaliable but let me know.

Piggie 1: Brown & white mid length fur with red eyes. Once he knows your scent he will always walks towards you even doing a little jump from anothers shoulder just to get to your shoulder. He is the boss piggie.

Piggie 2: White & brown fur with grey eyes.Very adorable! Wheeks for food everytime he hears shopping bags open. Walks around the cage quietly talking to himself. Just like a living squeek toy.

$20 ono for both pigs with the extra items above. (Cage will be etra)

Please msg me for contact details :)